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Domino: Caught in the Crisis
(Dominó: agarrado por la crisis)

A drama shot in Spain shortly after the 2008 economic crisis, it is relevant in today's Spain and tomorrow's America, as we encounter a new economic crisis. The film focuses on the emotional toll such a crisis brings to an individual and his family.

The film stars Antonio de la Malena. De la Malena has spent his life as a performer - most particularly on stage but also in front of a camera. In the world of film, he is principally known for narrating the documentary Flamenco: the Land Is Still Fertile. As for the stage, he is a prize-winning, internationally touring flamenco singer who has performed on every continent except Australia and Antartica. He has given countless solo performances and has also acted as lead singer to another countless famous dancers including Antonio el Pipa and most especially, Maria del Mar Moreno.

Domino: Caught in the Crisis opens with a group of friends playing dominoes in a bar. As they play, we learn that one of them, Luis, has recently lost his job. The remainder of the film follows Luis as he tries to find a new job, tries to hide his situation from his wife, and tries to find money not only to feed his family but also to provide his expected share of the costs of the upcoming wedding for his son (a matter of great importance in Spain).

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