Eve A. Ma: Producer-Director, Script & Editor

DIRECTOR'S STATEMENT: I lived in Spain for some time and still make frequent trips to that country. I have great sympathy for the people and fondness for the culture. Seeing that the ill effects of the 2008 economic crisis continued on, and on, and on in Spain has been very distressing although I have also noticed that people there seem to be emotionally better equiped to handle life's difficult times than many of us in the United States. I created this drama in sympathy with the ordinary person in Spain, and to celebrate his/her resiliance.

DIRECTOR BIO: Ma's work has screened and been in festivals on four continents in eight countries (USA, France, Germany, Spain, Greece, India, Indonesia and Peru). She produces and directs in both English and Spanish, and has made documentaries, dramas, and experimental shorts.

Antonio de la Malena: Star

Antonio de la Malena, star of this documentary, is a flamenco singer (cantaor) by profession. He has spent his life in front of the public so it was a small step to persuade him to place himself in front of a camera. MORE SOON




Supporting Actors

Supporting actors include Nicolás Montoya and Luis de la Tota.