Eve A. Ma: Producer-Director, Script & Editor

DIRECTOR'S STATEMENT: I lived in Spain for some time and still make frequent trips to that country. I have great sympathy for the people and fondness for the culture. Seeing that the ill effects of the 2008 economic crisis continued on, and on, and on in Spain has been very distressing although I have also noticed that people there seem to be emotionally better equiped to handle life's difficult times than many of us in the United States. I created this drama in sympathy with the ordinary person in Spain, and to celebrate his/her resiliance.

DIRECTOR BIO: Ma's work has screened and been in festivals on four continents in eight countries (USA, France, Germany, Spain, Greece, India, Indonesia and Peru). She produces and directs in both English and Spanish, and has made documentaries, dramas, and experimental shorts.

Antonio de la Malena: Star

Antonio de la Malena, star of this documentary, is a flamenco singer (cantaor) by profession. He has spent his life in front of the public so it was a small step to persuade him to place himself in front of a camera.

The story that we've told in this movie was so close to real life in Spain at that time that de la Malena had no trouble putting himself in character. The one twist was that, as a professional performer, he always wanted to look his best - but since Luis, the character that he was playing, was (as imagined by the script) someone who formerly worked in a creative profession and who didn't want his family and friends to know that he was down on his luck, de la Malena's dress preferences actually worked to our benefit.

The result has been an extremely believable performance, a sensitive portrait of a family man in a country where men often still support their families alone, who due to forces beyond his control now finds himself unable to do so.

Supporting Actors

Nicolás Montoya is an experienced actor who has played parts in film productions, television series, and live theater. Acting is his avocation; by training a medical doctor, he spends his time going between his medical clinic, and acting jobs in both Madrid and Jerez de la Frontera, his home town where we filmed this movie.

In his work as a movie actor, Montoya has had several principal roles in Spanish films, including Salvaje niño perro and Espiral. He can also be seen in La Lola se va a los puertos and more recently, in Techo y comida (Food and Shelter) directed by Juan Miguel del Castillo. He has also had parts in over a dozen plays, in several television series, and has even held roles in operatic productions.


For Domino, he plays the bad guy - the banker who pressed a loan on hero Luis before the economic crisis, but then (naturally) fails to lend him money to get him out of his current situation. But Luis is not entirely blameless: he was in fact willing to take that loan even though it meant mortgaging his house to the limit. And our bad banker has financial problems of his own, problems brought about by the same willingness to over-extend himself and his bank when money and credit were easy to come by.

Luis de la Tota plays the part of Luis' best friend. Like Antonio de la Malena, this is his first time acting although he has spent his life on stage in flamenco productions, and has also appeared in a couple of documentaries.


Javier Padilla Gil lleva el papel del borracho al final del drama, y también protagoniza a un chaval, un amigo que tiene un taller donde Luis pasa para pedir trabajo. Al igual que Montoya, es un actor con mucha experiencía. A la vez, un dramatugo y músico. Como actor, se centra especialmente en el teatro, incluso comedías, dramas, y obras infantiles como títeres.

Salió de la universidad como profesor de matemáticas, pero después de pocos años vió que el teatro el llamaba mucha la atención. Con algunos amigos, formaba la cooperativa "Tras el Trapo" en Jerez de la Frontera. Ellos consigueron a adquerir una antigua bodega donde presentan obras teatrales.

Desde entonces, lleva el papel de productor para "Tras el Trapo," actua en sus presentaciones, y escribe - a veces como autor único y a veces como co-autor junto con amigos - obras de teatro. Además del teatro, ha actuado en algunos cortos de cine y el drama Pan y techo. Bajo su direción, la bodega sede el grupo teatral hoy día presenta también un ciclo de cine y se lo alquila el espacio a otras organizaciones con fines similares.

Salvador Valle protagoniza a otro amigo, un vecino que ofrece trabajo de peoná a nuestro protagonista principal. Valle por una temporada fue parte del grupo teatral Tras el Trapo. Además, es bailaor del tango argentino.

Tan como muchos otros actores en Dominó, llevaba un papel en La Lola se va a los puertos tan como en Pan y techo....


The Music

The musical score in our film consists of original compositions performed by guitarist Malena Hijo, along with his improvisations and adaptations of traditional flamenco forms. The son of star Antonio de la Malena, as a professional guitarist he often accompanies his father and his uncle, Manuel de Malena, another flamenco singer.

In addition, he plays for other flamencos and is frequently asked to be the sole guitarist or the lead guitarist in flamenco fusion groups in his home town of Jerez de la Frontera.

Malena Hijo's music takes him to Japan on an annual basis, where he plays for flamenco performers in that country. He also tours (along with his father) with the company María del Mar Moreno. He is one of the guitarists on his father's double album of flamenco, Para ti mi cante..., and often performs in annual Ferias in both Jerez and Sevilla.