SPECIAL THANKS to Media Art Works (MAW) for their generous donation towards costs of the American release of Domino:

--and to the Roy W. Dean From the Heart Productions, fiscal sponsor for Domino, ensuring that your donations are fully tax deductible under United States tax law.

Additional Thanks to the following:
Pam Fingado Art
Pearl Lounge Jewelry Design
and many others.

In addition, several people and businesses were particularly helpful in the production stage of this drama:

--Antonio de la Malena, who saw to it that our Spanish language dialogue sounded natural, and helped find actors and locations;
--Javier Padilla, who corrected the more literary parts of the script, provided helpful criticism, assisted with casting, and donated one of the locations;
--Nicolás Montoya, who secured the location for the bank scenes;
--and Mateo Soleá and Luis el Porronista, who made their bars (Bar Gitaneria and Bar el Porrón) available for filming and played bit roles in those scenes.