Music & Crew

The music used in film is often overlooked, but we would like more attention paid to ours. Our story is very much a story of Jerez de la Frontera, and so we have chosen music that is very much of this region: flamenco, and flamenco fusion, both by artists from Jerez deeply steeped in the tradition. Our two principal musicians are the flamenco singer (cantaor) Antonio de la Malena (who is also our lead actor), and the guitarist Malena Hijo.



Antonio de la Malena has been a cantaor (professional flamenco singer) since the age of 9, when he was one of only five children featured in the highly-regarded television series produced by Televisión Española, called “Rito y Geografico del Cante,” appearing in the section “Niños Cantaores” (“Child Singers”). Since that time, he has performed on every continent in the world—except for Anartica.

De la Malena´s performance is divided into two parts: his solo recitals and CDs, and his performance in production companies in which he sings for dancers (and also often acts as producer or co-producer). For the past several years, he has worked principally with the flamenco company Jerez Puro. He has sung solo recitals in the prestigious Festival de Flamenco de Jerez, has four solo CDs, and has sung with others on countless other CDs.

MALENA HIJO-composer/guitarist


Malena Hijo (Antonio Moreno Jiménez) is a young guitarist and composer from Jerez de la Frontera, Spain. In his role as flamenco guitarist, he has toured in many countries of the world with the flamenco company Jerez Puro, especially Japan and countries in western Europe.

In addition to flamenco, he is part of a flamenco fusión musical group that performs throughout southern Spain. As a composer, he has created musical themes for video productions, as well as for his own and his group´s stage performances.

the CREW



Former camera person for two of the television stations in Jerez de la Frontera, Roberto Aguilar currently operates a sole proprietorship video production company.

Other projects with which he has been associated include Director of Photography for the movie Pobre Juventud (released in 2006), editor for a television series for the Spanish station Canal Sur, and editor for a show produced jointly by National Geographic and Canal Sur. He has also worked on other projects produced by Palomino Productions.”

EVE A. MA-camera


Sometime cameraperson as well as producer-director, Eve A. Ma has been camera operator for a number of productions in California including Better Bad News, a long-running cable program. She has also been camera operator for several television stations in northern California, and has freelanced for productions for private individuals.

Largely self-taught, Ma has supplemented her experience by taking several workshops. She has also done almost all of the camerwork for Palomino Productions' experimental videos.



A professional musician as well as sound tech, Antonio Moreno Jiménez has worked as sound tech for Palomino Productions for the past several years. He has also been in charge of the sound for several CDs released by independent production companies in Jerez de la Frontera.


  Production stills; enjoy.